Although locally we've cleared the Great Recession and the housing market collapse, we are still experiencing what may be the greatest buying opportunity of our lives.  A market such as this, once it's gone, may not return again for generations.  It takes intelligence and boldness to invest well in real estate today, and choosing the right real estate professional to guide and assist you is the most important part of the process.

For those of us who own investment real estate and want or need to sell, today's market presents us with the opportunity to capitalize on our investment.  Yet not every property will be in high demand.  Now more than ever, sellers must choose an experienced and capable real estate professional to assist in this process.  In some cases, buyers are still in the stronger negotiating position, which augments the need for a powerful advocate for you as a seller.  I encourage you to choose your advocate carefully, and welcome any questions you may have as you begin this process.

My academic and industry experience positions me well to serve you as an investor whether you want to buy or sell.  I can offer comprehensive portfolio review, asset maximization strategy and comprehensive brokerage services for any transaction.  My insight comes not only from working with clients but from my own personal experience on projects and as a developer, property owner and manager.  I look forward to the opportunity to compete for your business!